My passion is architecture. The buildings and landmarks around us inspire my pictures, from urban cityscapes and industrial design to rural and countryside subjects. My choice of architecture exemplifies a point and time in the history of our architectural and cultural heritage. Customers have variously described my pictures as contemporary, timeless, utopian and with a fanciful optimism. They share with me the enjoyment of the character and beauty of our man made surroundings.

Ink drawings with colour.
My line drawings create the form and structure with an accent on the character of the architecture. I combine this with overlapping blocks of translucent colour inspired by graphics used in 1950’s posters. This adds texture and character, introducing colour where appropriate to create a light hearted design

From my original photography I use individual or multiple photographs. From a carefully chosen vantage point I take up to 100 photographs. I create a panorama by choosing and merging the most appropriate of these, up to 30 individual shots, and manipulating these using digital technologies. I capture the natural colours then accent the visual qualities, highlighting the features that make up the patterns in the structure and introduce effects aesthetically best suited to the style and setting. I let the subject matter dictate the treatment of the photograph. The artwork created is a visual representation unlike a photograph.

Photographic Series
A combination of a series of similar photographs of architecture or architectural features to create a pattern for cards and posters.

My love of creating art has been around for as long as I can remember. In my teens I experimented with a wide variety of mediums including textiles and graduated from Harrow School of Art. I have worked for brochure publishers specialising in contemporary interiors while pursuing my art. My love of architecture combined with developments in digital technology inspired me to develop my photographic skills and create art from architecture. I have been creating photographic art as a professional since 2002.

I welcome referral to new locations with suggestions for pictures of landmarks local to your area.

I am happy to link in with groups concerned with the preservation of important buildings, and on request may give permission for use of my images to help conservation and to promote awareness.

The Cricketers pub on Richmond Green
The Cricketers pub on Richmond Green