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A Day at Chiswick - in 1886

An article of 8 pages - here are the first two pages - which is part of a bound copy of ‘Once a Week’ a periodical or magazine of the time and contains all the publications of 1866. This is one of my Great Grandfather Ernest King’s editions, one of several he owned. Ernest was born in 1871 so they must have been handed down to him.

The Writer Edward Walford talks about the ‘village’ of Chiswick at the time as well as some history of earlier ‘Chesewicke’ or ‘Cheese-wick’. At times he is quite critical!

References are made to:

St Nicholas Church - much criticism including ‘ …transepts of brick, in the hideous style of the Georgian Era’

Battle of Brentford

Thomas Bentley who lived in a substantial mansion in the high road

Many famous characters and nobility buried at St Nicholas Church

Charles Holland an actor that made his first appearance at Drury Lane in 1754, and died of smallpox age 35 at Chiswick House

Mary Countess of Fauconberg who resided at Sutton Court in Grove Park

Oliver Cromwell

Sanitary measures adopted in The Great Plague

Chiswick House and a quote from Horace Walpole saying the design has a ’…too strict adherence to rules and symmetry’

William Hogarths House and Mr Cock his neighbour

Dr Tukes’ Lunatic Asylum

Griffin Brewery

Chiswick Hall

Charles Whittingham who founded The Chiswick Press

Market Gardening of Chiswicks population of 7000 souls

Ancient River Thames fishing rites

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