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Chiswick High Road developed from the 18th century onwards, built up with inns, large houses and the long gone Chiswick Empire. It is now thriving with upmarket shops and a busy cafe culture.

 In the 14th Century Strand on the Green, sitting on the Thames worked by fisherman and then developed with wharves built for trade by brick-makers, coal and stone merchants, maltsters, market gardeners, nurserymen, boat-builders, engineers and inn-keepers.

Chiswick Park  Station is on the District Line of the London Underground. Chiswick sits on the River Thames  in England

 Hammersmith developed as a Saxon fishing village and its name (which probably refers to the presence of a hammer smithy or forge) was first recorded in 1294.. It developed along the Thames foreshore. 
Hammersmith Bridge was begun for in 1884 and was opened by the Prince of Wales on 18 June 1887. It was designed by the Board's chief engineer, Sir Joseph Bazalgette (1819-91).

Spanning the banks of the Thames to Barnes stands the majestic Hammersmith Bridge in London England

For over 400 years, Richmond Green has been edged by houses and premises built to provide accommodation for people serving or visiting nearby Richmond Palace. In 1625 Charles I brought his court here to escape the plague in London and by the early 18th century these had become the homes of "minor nobility, diplomats, and court hangers-on".

For over 400 years, Richmond Green has been edged by houses and premises built for people serving or visiting Richmond Palace. Richmond on Thames is on the edge of London England

West London

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